Speaking of "All Grown Up..."

One of the most remarkable things about The Elisabeth Morrow School is how many of its alums remain connected to our school.  After all, it is only recent in our history that we have graduated eighth graders--many of our alumni left us in the fifth or sixth grade, and they are several schools removed from us (middle school, high school, college, and for some grad school).  But it is pictures like these, recently sent to me by Saumil Parikh '86, that remind me of how profound and meaningful the EMS experience was for its graduates.  

Coming off the Young Alumni Luncheon last week, it's always great when I get photos like these, from a few years down the road, because they serve as a reminder that our school is not only a place that inspires lifelong learning, but also a place that inspires lifelong friendships.   Thanks for the photographs, Saumil!  If any other alums wish to send me "grown up" photos with friends from their EMS years, please feel free, I promise to post them.  

Evan Brown
Director of Communications and Alumni

Members of the Class of 1986:  Ramin Kashani, Scott Mirelson, Saumil Parikh, Lawrence Ganti - in Alaska, 1993, after college graduation.

The boys, again, this time from June, 2013.  Still great friends!

Now married:  their respective spouses -- Aileen (Ramins wife), Wendy (Scott's wife), Saloni (Saumil wife), Elaine (Lawrence's wife).

Attending the wedding Scott Mirelson and Wendy Kamenshine, April 2013.  (2nd from left) Ramin Kashani 86, (center) Saumil Parikh 86, (3rd from right) Scott Mirelson 86, (2nd from right) Wendy Kamenshine.

Also attending Scott's wedding, (center) David Schiff '86 

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